Disinfection Service

AMAN as an expert in the disinfection service industry has mastered vast number of capabilities, competencies and knowledge which is helping us to provide customized & safe solutions for its clients. AMAN is using a national & internationally approved disinfectants which provides multiple solutions for the disinfection of facilities based on its nature, intended purpose, type of activities conducted etc. to ensure we chose the right, most safe and most effective disinfectants, such as we use food grade disinfectants in food handling premises which are not harmful to human health and food products, in residential buildings and public access / gathering areas we are using less harmful disinfectants which is safe even if it is noted wiped off after use.


We provide our Disinfection Service to a wide range of industries such as but not limited to:

  • Governmental Entities.
  • Schools & Nurseries.
  • Hotels and Hotel Apartments.
  • Kitchens & Food Processing Units.
  • Restaurants & Food Stores.
  • Shopping Malls & Retails.
  • Offices & Warehouses.
  • Labor Camps.